Analysis of One Piece: Pirate Warriors 4

We've finally been able to get our hands on the long awaited fourth installment of Eiichiro Oda's manga/anime game, known to many as the creator of the wonderful work of fiction with the Guinness record (which not many can even come close to holding) of being the best selling manga of all time, which is no easy task. As always, plug in your Kimera V2 Ivory gaming headset, adjust the volume and grab your favorite beverage because, curves and bumps are coming!

Accompanying Luffy

Continuity of course in the type of game and in its modus operandi, since as expected the game maintains its way of developing the story, in its campaign we will revisit the different sagas until we reach the most current, which is the saga of Wano, eagerly awaited by fans, since it will mean the crossing in battle with both Big Mom and the Yonkou-Emperor of the seas Kaidou.

The game has an original story that distances itself from what is currently happening in the manga-anime, since the parallel development of the plot cannot be done in any other way, but it should be noted that the conclusion is very satisfactory and very well resolved. The approach of the story, although it is not innovative, works, since it shows us the experiences of our beloved protagonists of the band of the Mugiwaras or in Spanish pirates of the band of the straw hat.

During the development of the campaign we will be able to choose which characters we want to play with, based on the fact that the game has a staff of more than 40 unlockable characters between heroes and villains. This gives a huge richness to the title and gives us a very good replayability with the development system of the fighters to unlock skills.

Another issue to emphasize is that while it is true that we will go through the most important sagas in which our beloved pirates have been living their adventures, it is impossible to condense in a game as ambitious as the one we are analyzing everything they have experienced, since the game has more than 9 major sagas that at the same time are subdivided into many arcs.

Therefore, the developers have had to condense the main sagas and events of the characters, and in our opinion, it has been done very efficiently, taking into account the limitations of time and development. Overall fans and those not familiar with the story will be very satisfied.

Unleash the full power of the Mugiwaras

In our analysis of One Piece: Pirate Warriors 4 there are several key points that we have to emphasize being able to highlight among them the large number of playable characters (more than 40 as we mentioned in the previous point), as is this Beat 'Em Up-Musou Anime style. As are the controls and combos and a general overview of our experience enjoying the title.

Undoubtedly, we could say that in terms of playable characters the game is an absolute marvel since it represents the desires of thousands of fans to be able to recreate the adventures they have been able to see in the original manga story or give free rein to their imagination reliving the story in another way with the characters they want since the title offers this possibility that will not disappoint anyone.

In relation to the combos of the characters that we will be able to play, it has its lights and shadows, which we expose below.

Of course if we talk about the main characters, there is no doubt that the richness and number of them are very complete and varied, putting the main focus on Luffy our absolute protagonist in the manga and in the video game. Since it is obvious that he is the one with whom the game shines the most when it comes to spending hours with him.

It is an absolute pleasure to perform the combos of blows (which has a few) among the hundreds of enemies that flood the screen, stand out for their tremendous agility, speed and fidelity to the manga, although it is true that at the beginning of the story we will have limited movements that we will unlock in the story with a well achieved system to buy them.

On the other hand, here we have the shadows, other characters that although they are well represented (especially those who do not have great participation in number of hours in the anime) their number of combos is more limited and in the end it ends up becoming a little repetitive, especially in the long missions, these characters also shine for their spectacular but become less bearable in longer skirmishes.

In short at the level of gameplay we can say that it is a real joy to throw a large number of hours to this game both with the main characters as with secondary, special mention on issues of how to play to emphasize that it is very comfortable to carry out the combos both keyboard and mouse as with a controller connected to the PC. We specifically have passed the game with one of our star gamer keyboards Suiko Ivory and RGB mouse Newskill Eos but you can also play perfectly with controller for fans of the console.

You will have to play several times if you want to unlock all the paths (in the first time we will barely get to see 60% of the moments) and squeeze the experience to the fullest with all the extras.

Live your own One Piece quest

As for graphics, we can comment on little, since this type of game does not stand out for having some heart-stopping graphics like other titles with photorealistic images. They are immersive and it seems that you are living the anime, so in that sense it is very satisfying.

The game is quite optimized and we have not experienced real drops that affect the gameplay in a remarkable way, just comment that if we are playing in high resolutions with the graphics to the maximum at very specific moments it is possible that when many enemies are shown and we are performing complex combos FPS drop somewhat but generally this is something very exceptional.

On the other hand, while it is true that the soundtrack also complies and has the main songs and / or melodies that best represent this work, in the end it may be that over the hours this aspect also becomes somewhat repetitive.

To conclude

Our conclusion in this analysis of One Piece: Pirate Warriors 4 is that it will not leave you indifferent, especially of course if you are a follower for years like us of the work, which is certainly the situation in which you will enjoy the most. On the other hand if you have just accessed the title and the work we have no doubt that you will enjoy it very much since it is frenetic and addictive from start to finish.

Strong points

  • Relive the great milestones of our protagonists and their epic battles.
  • The introduction of the "giant" characters and their combats as well as the aerial combos are additions that give freshness to the title and make it even more faithful to the work.
  • The richness and development of the combos of the characters.

Points to improve

  • Likewise, the richness of the combos of some of the secondary characters.
  • We would improve a little the aspect of the soundtrack since as we said it was repetitive at times

We have made this analysis thanks to a PC code provided by Bandai Namco.

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