Analysis of Outward: The Soroboreans: a DLC with a lot of role-playing content

Some time ago we reviewed the open-world role-playing game Outward on our PC gaming. We lived many adventures and had a rewarding gaming experience for many many hours. Now the developers Deep Silver and Nine Dots Studio (distributed in our country by Koch Media) bring a DLC full of content called Outward: The Soroboreans. Do you dare to return to Aurai and role-play with us? Don't miss our review of Outward: The Soroboreans.

A new challenge of the best RPG

The Soroboreans is the first paid downloadable content for the role-playing video game Outward. Expand your experience in this open-world adventure RPG and rediscover all the corners of Aurai with a content that will surprise you: it is not just any DLC. It comes packed with new features, an expanded story and even new Developer Diaries that will keep you hooked to the plot. Give your old game a breath of fresh air and dive back into the world of Outward.

If everything we have told you sounds like Greek and you don't know what this game is about, you can always check our Outward review to play it on your PC gaming. If you like it, the Soroboreans DLC will add up to 25% more content.

New features, new gameplay life

Outward: The Soroboreans includes new features and additions that you are going to love. A new state of our character is introduced in the game. If previously we could be hungry, thirsty or polar cold, now your character can also become corrupted. The level of corruption will have different levels and can affect us more than all the previously mentioned elements. If we are not able to control this corruption we may die, highlighting the rawness that characterizes the Outward adventure.

If in the standard version of Outward you could enjoy an assortment of weapons and magical artifacts, the Soroboreans expansion will allow you to change the effect of your favorite arsenal. Weapons and all sorts of attack elements can be modified with the new enchantment system introduced in this paid extended content. In Outward: the Soroboreans we will also enjoy a totally new faction: the Soroborean Academy.

Finally, and as a last added extra, new abilities and effects will be introduced for your main Outward character. These new elements have been created to combat the new state of corruption in a more optimal way and add an extra layer of depth to an already complex adventure. An extra surprise addition will be the new dungeons that will have incredible treasures inside. But be prepared for a devilish difficulty.

will you continue with your character or start from scratch?

Outward: the Soroboreans offers us a new world of possibilities. We will be able to choose between continuing with our old game or, if we start a first game, rediscovering its vast world. If this is the first time you approach this role-playing proposal, you will undoubtedly enjoy the most complete adventure possible and the additions will surprise you from the first minute of play

We will have access to this new content if we start a new game or a new game +. After completing the first mission we will talk to the Soroborean Caravanero and we will be able to start the new content

are these enough reasons to rediscover this role-playing game or give it a chance from scratch? In our humble opinion, there are more than enough reasons

We have made this review thanks to a PC download code provided by Koch Media.

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