Analysis of Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts

The Sniper Ghost Warrior saga returns to offer us a new opportunity to get into the skin of a sniper who will take us to travel across Siberia while we fulfill the contracts that are entrusted to us. Hide well behind your gaming chair Newskill Kaidan because here is our analysis of Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts.

The ghost of Siberia

This saga has been characterized by showing us different scenarios and different times and for Contracts they have recreated several scenarios in the frozen Siberia. These maps are very large and we will have a lot of freedom to meet the objectives in the way we believe most effective. This part of the design is the best of the game with very complete scenarios that allow us to replay the missions trying different methods of approaching the objectives.

In some missions we have encountered targets where we had to get very close to accomplish our mission, which has shocked us a little as we understand that it is not the philosophy of acting as a sniper but in contrast to the gameplay gives an extra touch so that the mechanics are not repeated too much.

Become a lethal shadow

If one of the great successes of the game is the design of the maps, the other great protagonist is undoubtedly the mechanics of long-range shooting. It is very satisfying to look for high positions, study the routes of the enemies, hold your breath and finally pull the trigger.

We will have to take several things into account before firing the shot to finish off our enemies. The distance at which they are, the weather that surrounds us, the movement of the target... To calculate all these variables we will have binoculars with which we can mark the targets and that will already show us the distance at which they are and the route they follow, in addition our rifle shows us through the telescopic sight the correction that we will have to make to hit the shot. As soon as we master these simple mechanics we will be a powerful ghost that will kill its targets effectively.

In addition to these aids that we have already mentioned, we can buy more upgrades for our mask and our suit getting to have too powerful enemy detection skills that can subtract too much difficulty to the game.

The biggest drawback we have found in our analysis of Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts is the artificial intelligence of the enemies. Errors in the detection of noises, when shooting near them or when a glass breaks in front of them or that on some occasion that we have passed in front of them they have not detected us. On very rare occasions we have seen how even if we hit the target the game did not detect this action and the enemy continued its routine as if nothing. This has only happened to us once or twice throughout the game but it was shocking. Also many of these aspects have been improved with the patches that have been coming out making the game experience much more realistic and complete.

Graphical stability

In terms of graphics Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts stands up pretty well for a game that is not a blockbuster. The engine used is the CryEngine and it shows, with a very solid performance and very well recreated effects. The attention to detail is noticeable.

Its sound section fits perfectly with the environment and the theme of the game, we have also enjoyed it with our headphones Newskill Scylla and immersion in the experience was total. Although the voices are in English we will have all the texts in Spanish.

To conclude

In conclusion of our analysis of Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts we found it a remarkable game with very good mechanics of infiltration and shooting. This new release does very well to put us in the skin of a sniper making us feel really lethal. The problems that we have seen we know that they are working on them to fix them with several patches.

Strong points

  • The design of the scenarios
  • The feeling of shooting
  • It manages to recreate the atmosphere of infiltration very well
  • Graphically very stable, making the most of the CryEngine engine

Points to improve

  • In some missions the objectives force us to get very close, breaking a little the idea of sniper
  • Bugs in the AI and in some gameplay aspects (but they have been fixed with the patches that have been released, which shows a concern for further improving the game)

This review has been made thanks to a physical copy for PS4 provided by Koch Media

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