Analysis Ori and the blind forest: definitive edition: a modern classic

After Ori and the blind forest was considered one of the greatest audiovisual wonders in the world of video games, many of us were waiting for its arrival on a platform other than Xbox One, 360 or PC. Now is our time: with this Definitive Edition we can enjoy Ori and the blind forest, one of the most acclaimed platform games currently on Nintendo Switch, being until a few months ago a Microsoft exclusive video game.

Reviving one of the best indie games in history

This new edition of Moon Studios, which accompanies the one first released in early 2015, includes special content to this production that will allow us to extend the hours of gameplay and re-discover the beauty of the world of this Metroidvania so special and unique known mainly for its beautiful backgrounds, its magnificent animation and, ultimately, the beauty of its universe.

Our mission: save the forest

Taking control of Ori (a white guardian spirit) and Sein (light and eyes of the Spirit Tree), we will have to collect the so-called fragments of life, energy, skills and upgrades through different platforms and puzzles that will be put in our way. We will have to face different enemies with the aim of restoring the forest where we are while we fall in love with the landscape and we are aware of the development of the protagonist as he advances in his adventure.

Although it is the same story that the original Ori and the blind forest offered us, in this definitive edition we find two new scenarios, the Lost Grove and Tunnels of the black root, where we will be participants of new aspects and details that we had not seen so far in the original story. Thus, we will be able to enjoy content that we did not know and that adds background to the incredible events of our protagonist Ori and his adventures in the forest.

New skills and improvements

We are faced with a platform game that requires, although it may not seem so from its appearance, great precision and skill. More than once, especially in the exit of the three dungeons that are presented to us, the difficulty of escaping will take us out of our minds. However, something that has not changed with respect to its original production and that are a great help, are the own save points that require a soul point but are a great relief, since Ori and the blind forest requires few moments of auto-save.

In this definitive edition we can also enjoy two new skills (gliding and lightning burst) that are added to the ones we already had and that were so necessary for the development of the story. In addition, in this edition we not only have these new skills, but also have implemented some improvements and new features, such as new lighting in some parts of the map where Ori, in its original version, advanced in the dark along the way

An incredible and magical world

cinema mode: some extras are included such as trailers, drawings, scenes of how it was made.

As we have said before, one of the strong points of this platform game is its audiovisual aspect. It is no exaggeration to say that it is possibly the most beautiful game that has been made in a long time. As you wander through the magnificent scenery, you become aware of the incredible universe it depicts through the images, almost like an animated movie, with vibrant colors that are bursting with life.

However, apart from the visual section, one of the most important points of Ori and the blind forest is the music. The soundtrack of the game is undoubtedly one of the most special we have heard so far, in addition to the voices of the characters, which immerse you in a unique and unimaginable universe.

In addition, in this edition as a novelty we can find the cinema mode, which includes extra content such as trailers of the drawings and scenes of how the audiovisual wonder that we present to you was made.

The best

  • New levels and skills
  • Visually unique, it takes you to a unique universe
  • Beautiful and unique soundtrack
  • Works very well in the new version on the Nintendo Switch

The Worst

  • Combat is sometimes slightly boring
  • It's the same game with some new touches

We have made this review thanks to a download code for Nintendo Switch provided by Meridiem Games.

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