Devil May Cry 5 Review: Dante and Nero return in the best demon-hunting style

Capcom is in luck and 11 years later, we return to enjoy an authentic Devil May Cry. Such has been the wait since the launch of this new title was revealed last year, that their expectations placed it as one of the most anticipated releases of this 2019. would you like to join us in our devil May Cry 5 review? Put on your iris gaming glassesbecause there is cloth to cut and demons to annihilate.

A story with grit

The plot is set several years after the events on the island of Fortuna. Dante, Nero and their companions must face a demon named Urizen who seeks to become lord and master of the human world and the underworld. This invasion of the earth will be developed by a strange tree known as Qliphoth from which a powerful fruit is born

A story that although at the beginning is simple and is resolved at a moderate pace, it achieves that unique formula that has always highlighted the saga and its fans, generating a progressive acceleration that gives meaning to everything and catapults us to its great action-packed denouement. Undoubtedly one of the strengths of this devil May Cry 5 review. Something to tell anyone with your next kaliope gaming microphone.

An intermittent narrative

And it is this narrative that makes us glued to our monitor and enjoy the jumps and events that accompany each chapter. Capcom has managed this double edge with a work of argumental art. A priori, these jumps can generate negativity and confusion, however, they end up throwing a simplicity of plot that gives you energy and surprises throughout the story.

Combo after combo

Let's be honest, the third-person gameplay and the confrontation of hordes of enemies while we advance through its incredible scenarios, are the basis and one of the most important elements to highlight after our review of Devil May Cry 5 devil May Cry 5 review

The great combination of combos and rewards to the player makes the repertoire of weapons, moves and skills are loaded with action and allow you to get high scores. You will need a good gaming mouse like Habrok to take advantage of all those hits.

The progress of the characters and their ability to acquire new skills further involves us in the game and thanks to the interface, we can see the different improvements and even try them to adapt them to our style of play.

A dose of Re Engine

Talking about graphics in this edition involves commenting on the use of Capcom's Re Engine. An engine that makes everything look more realistic, highlighting more detailed and realistic characters and demonic and impotent enemies. To fully enjoy the graphics of this great game we recommend you our new gaming monitor Icarus.

Final Conclusions

The wait was long but it was worth it, this last installment of the saga brings everything Capcom promised and that fans expected from this installment. After making the devil May Cry 5 review we can confirm that the game looks and plays great with new proposals that do not abandon the original formula.


- An immersive plot that keeps you glued to the monitor

- Sublime combat mechanics and gameplay

- A very versatile and dynamic cast

The Worst

- Numerous loading screens that sometimes become tedious and tiresome

- Camera problems that hinder the vision in certain combats.

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