Devil May Cry V impressions: the hunt for Dante is back!

Capcom never ceases to surprise us at the beginning of the year. After being amazed when we played and told you about our pleasant gameplay experience in our review of Resident Evil 2 Remakenow they surprise us with the release of the fifth installment of one of their most acclaimed sagas Devil May Cry 5 comes from the creative hand of Hideaki Itsuno, known to fans of Dante for being in charge of most of the installments of this action saga. Now the company has made available to the public a demo of the game and here are our first impressions of Devil May Cry 5 impressions of Devil May Cry 5. We tell you all about it sitting in our kitsune RGB gaming chair.

Action galore in Devil May Cry 5

The first point we want to highlight about our impressions of Devil May Cry 5 is its gameplay. The already known frenetic and unparalleled battles against demons and horrifying creatures is maintained in the latest installment of the series. Swords, fists, demons ... we will have at our disposal a whole range of weapons to deal with our enemies. We will not be able to take our eyes off the screen (we recommend you the iris glasses glasses so you don't get blinded :P) for a single moment. The story is relegated to the background in this demo, as the action eats everything else. What has made the Devil May Cry saga great has always been its combat, and we assure you that you won't get bored of fighting.

Three characters available... which one will be your favorite?

In this new installment of Devil May Cry we can handle up to three different characters, each with its differentiating characteristics. Dante we already know from other installments, the main character par excellence, our companion for hundreds of hours of gameplay. With our sword and our double pistol combo we will face everything that comes our way. As usual in the saga we will be collecting red orbs to improve our arsenal (although for weapon without a doubt Helioshelios gaming mouse if you are going to play this game on PC).

The first playable character to which we will have access in the demo, and one of the characters that has surprised us most and has left a good taste in our first impressions of Devil May Cry 5 impressions of Devil May Cry 5 is Nero. The first thing we noticed is that he's missing an arm (and you, who still have both, could definitely use a mechanical gaming keyboard like Thanatos to face this adventure). But this weakness will become a strength thanks to his partner Nico, who creates interchangeable arms for him, each with different specifications and attacks. We will be able to select from up to 8 different arms and they will be a fundamental part of the strategy that will make us win or lose the fights and the fights against the different final bosses. We found particularly funny the moment in which Nero takes advantage of a circumstance of combat to fly in a kind of hoverboard with which to crush every living creature. We will be able to upgrade this character every time we find a phone booth, from which we can call Nico, who will come with his van.

Finally, we can also control a third character, a kind of demon summoning wizard called V. We can choose between Shadow, a panther that stands out for its melee attacks, Griffon, a bird ideal for long distance confrontations, and Nightmare, a huge demon that will be the real nightmare of the most feared enemy. Our task will be to avoid the onslaught of rivals and take advantage of the moments of respite we have to read our book and thus enhance the attacks of our minions. Undoubtedly the most original and different character that we have been able to play in our first impressions of Devil May Cry 5 impressions of Devil May Cry 5.

The music and graphics at the height, as always

The music of Devil May Cry 5 is at the height of the series and promises battles that will make us sweat it out. The frenetic melodies of this new installment starring Dante, among others, will maintain the tension and dynamism of the action. We recommend you to count on the support of the gaming headset Kimera V2 gaming headset so as not to miss any of the screams of the enemies that you will have to face throughout your journey.

On the other hand, the graphics are simply spectacular. We get right into the demonic world created by Hideaki Itsuno. We will feel like Dante, Nero or V in this adventure like no other. What has been most difficult for us in our first impressions of Devil May Cry 5 impressions of Devil May Cry 5 is the idea of having to wait until March 8 to play the full version, which we can enjoy on PC, Xbox One or Playstation 4.

Online mode: the icing on the cake

The stories of the three characters intersect with each other. And that situation has been used by Capcom to include a curious online mode in which we can meet other players, who are also enjoying the main mode. We can fight alongside them or simply watch them continue their way through the adventure. If we play offline, these moments will be controlled by an AI (better with people, isn't it? And better if you have at hand Kaliopehandy, in case you want to stream your game).

We hope our impressions of Devil May Cry 5 have been useful and you have the hype sky-high like us with its launch. We have played the Playstation 4 demo and we have been shocked by the possibilities of this title that will undoubtedly give much to talk about in 2019.

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