Mass Effect Legendary Edition review: the best space adventure of your life

Mass Effect was undoubtedly the most successful RPG of the last generation, with a great immersive story, fascinating characters and a quality and visual effects that made it the best Science Fiction RPG released to date to this day. Does this re-release deserve the name Legendary Edition? We analyze it..

To summarize before starting to analyze each section of the game, Mass Effect Legendary Edition is not only a remastered edition, it is true that the graphics have been updated, but there are also many improvements over the originals that radically change the gameplay of this Bioware gem, for the better of course.

An argument that marked an era

I will try to synthesize and not go into much detail, because the plot of this game is masterful and it is impressive to discover it little by little as the adventure progresses.

An ancient alien race called the Reapers have decided to return to annihilate all forms of life in the galaxy. Commander Shepard of the Alliance, forms a team to stop the plan of the Reapers and save all the species that inhabit the universe. Will he succeed? what will be the fate of the human race?

New graphics and textures

The first attraction that we have present is a great visual improvement of all the characters and landscapes of the game (many years have passed and the great leap in graphic quality is very evident in this new reedition), where the textures on the skin and eyes of the characters are more alive than ever and full of color adding more emotion and charisma in the dialogues or even during the cinematics.

The improvements made to the lighting effects simply enhance the whole game experience, as they have completely replaced the quality of the game's assets, making it not look like a mere implementation of overlapping colors and achieving a spectacular result

In addition, among its technical improvements, we can now live this adventure in 4K and we can play it at 60 FPS on PC if we have a normal graphics

It is true that the technical section is the one that has evolved the most, but I must say that the result is better than expected in a remaster. Simply impressive

Same essence, improved gameplay

Those who have played the previous version will know the great change in gameplay that we saw from the first installment to the second. In this re-release we can count on improved gameplay from the first minute of play, with a better camera on the character and a completely reinvented game HUD. It is now simpler and more elegant with easy to read instructions and tutorials

When it comes to combat, the camera has also been improved and the sensitivity of the controls is more comfortable and simple to use. This is undoubtedly the best change, as combat makes it more fun. Another great success on the part of EA when creating this reedition. Outstanding without a doubt

Its music will make you fall in love

This game has always had a great soundtrack, very epic and full of emotion that makes us feel completely immersed in the impressive story of Commander Shepard

This re-release includes all 88 songs with music from all three games in the trilogy, plus three pieces of artwork made exclusively for the occasion. It also includes the song "Resynthesis," which is new to the Mass Effect trilogy

Final Conclusions

Mass Effect Legendary Edition is the re-release that fans of the saga have been waiting for. An adaptation to our days in an outstanding way in which errors of the past have been corrected and that has preserved all the good of the original deliveries.

The best is still the characters and the story, but now they are accompanied by updated gameplay and graphics. If at the time it was an essential and outstanding game, now we can qualify it as a masterpiece. A 10

The best

  • Renewed gameplay
  • New generation graphics
  • The story and characters
  • Its essence is completely intact

The worst

  • Nothing, it's a masterpiece, period

We have made this review thanks to a download code provided by EA Games.

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