Metro Exodus review: a difficult walk through a post-apocalyptic setting

Metro Exodus appears before us with stunning graphics, a linear but impressive gameplay, a game script that engages and a demanding difficulty, very demanding. Undoubtedly one of the shooters that will give more to talk about in this year 2019 Do you dare to join us in a post-apocalyptic scenario in our review of Metro Exodus? Get comfortable with your Kitsune RGB gaming chair and take note.

NEXT-GEN Graphics

Without a doubt and after trying some of the latest releases in the gaming world such as Battlefield V and Anthem among others, Metro Exodus does not go unnoticed. In our Metro Exodus review you can see how this game is placed in the top 3 of the video games with the best graphics for this 2019. We could even go so far as to say that today it is the FPS game with the best graphics (even in some moments becoming photorealistic) that we can find in the market. Prepare those pockets, because you will need a great team to move this title with all the fluidity it deserves (although with our gaming monitor Icarus you will not have to sell the house to see it in high definition :P).

Linear gameplay but an impressive staging

One of the aspects to highlight in our Metro Exodus review is the fact that this first-person shooter game lands with an apparently linear gameplay. However, the guys at 4AGames have managed to create a game that surprises with the way it makes you participate in the story. Thanks to its shocking destroyed scenarios of that devastated Russia, its overwhelming monsters and its fantastic use of dynamic lights and shadows, it becomes one of our favorite video games of the year. Without forgetting its sound, which is totally immersive and more if you enjoy it with our best headphones, Kimera V2 (at all times you will know where the enemy can be found as soon as you hear it).

Difficulty, difficulty and more difficulty

We have to warn you in this review of Metro Exodus, which is not a game designed for all gamers. It is a demanding proposal. We are facing one of the most difficult FPS currently available. The complexity of eliminating enemies (either one by one or in front of groups), saving ammunition, healing, interacting with the environment and above all surviving outdoors is a challenge for the player, although you can always count on our mechanical keyboard Thanatos to have a great ally.

An epic story that will captivate you

The previous installments of this saga left us with our mouths open in terms of the treatment of the post-apocalyptic world and survival with amazing scripts. In our review of Metro Exodus we realize that this new installment is not far behind. In our opinion the story is several levels above the previous installments, from beginning to end we find a great narrative to which the guys from 4AGames have accustomed us, but also in this installment we will find new enemies, beasts and allies that will surprise us and help us (or not) to overcome the amazing story of this game.

Final Conclusions

Metro Exodus takes us back to that post-apocalyptic Russia as no other game knows how to do, with a heart-stopping script and plot, impressive graphics, a well-executed gameplay and a difficulty that will make you strive as a player (although it will be easier if you are accompanied by our gaming mouse Eos).

The best thing about it

  • The story, very interesting and seems to have been able to give a twist of nut
  • Graphics, thanks to its Unreal Engine, one of the best titles currently (if not the best)
  • Spanish dubbing

The worst thing about it

  • You need a great PC to run it
  • Its linearity and not very customizable aspects
  • Sound and effects are very flat and without highlights to accompany the graphic quality of the game

We have had access to this videogame thanks to Koch Media.

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