Moto GP 22 review: the most complete and varied installment of the franchise

Once again, the guys at Milestone bring us their new MotoGP 22 release, which includes all the circuits and riders of the motorcycle racing world championship for the 2022 season. In addition to MotoGP, players can try their luck in the lower categories such as Moto 2, Moto 3, Rookies Cup and MotoE as well as relive spectacular moments of the 2009 season. The game has been released for the PS5, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, Xbox One, PC and Switch platforms (the version we reviewed is the Nintendo Switch version). Sit back in your gamer chair... curves are coming.

A new Moto GP with new features for the biggest fans

One of the great new features of the game is the Nine Season 2009 mode, which tells the story of the legendary 2009 MotoGP season. Filmmaker Mark Neale, who has a background in motorsport documentaries, has done an excellent job of collaborating with Milestone by linking real-life footage from this season with sections in which you take control of the protagonist riders.

It is an exciting material of more than 50 minutes as a documentary that narrates in a very accurate way one of the best seasons in the history of this sport, where (with the exception of the British GP) all the Grand Prix were shared between the Spanish Pedrosa and Lorenzo, the Australian Casey Stoner and the winner and best known driver in the history of this sport: the Italian Valentino Rossi.

In practice we are talking about a story divided into 17 chapters, one for each Grand Prix of the season, where the situation of the four riders is narrated at each moment of the race. The player must complete small tests in order to advance to the next episode. In this game mode the tests are of all kinds: obtain a certain final position, get a time advantage at the finish line, make a certain number of overtakes or overcome the race in special conditions.

If something works... why change it?

Beyond this game mode, the offer we find in Moto GP 22 is very similar to that of previous years. The career mode allows us to recreate the career of a rider joining an official team or creating a new one from its beginnings in the lower categories. In this mode, in addition to riding, you will have to develop your team's staff while evolving your bike with new improvements and configurations.

We also find the split-screen multiplayer mode (in the Nintendo Switch version is not available at the moment the multiplayer online), the Grand Prix mode that allows you to run a specific weekend configuring it as we wish, the time trial mode or a series of tutorials to familiarize ourselves with the handling of motorcycles in Training mode. In this mode for practice we find the MotoGP Academy section that explains the secrets of each of the curves of all the circuits of the motorcycle world championship.

A learning curve for motor lovers

Regarding the gameplay, the first hours of play can be difficult if you are not used to this type of game. Adapting to the handling of these vehicles will require a learning curve that can be softened if we activate the different driving aids offered to us. Once this learning period is over, the game offers a much more realistic and satisfactory simulation than that seen in previous versions, highlighting the incredible feeling of speed achieved as well as a magnificent recreation of the physics of both motorcycles and pilots.

Graphically at the height ... except in the Nintendo Switch version

Graphically the game has also evolved with new facial animations and improvements in both 3D modeling of the characters and pit lanes. We must emphasize that this graphical improvement is much more palpable on next-generation consoles than in the Nintendo Switch version (where we find a lower resolution in textures or emptier or poorer circuits)

Of course, the simulation has also taken a step forward in MotoGP 22 with improvements in the tracks, in the suspension system, in the realism of the deformation of the tires and changes in the temperatures of the tires and brakes (which are now affected by the slipstream) both for users and for the AI of the game.

Final Conclusions

If you like driving simulators and you are passionate about motorcycling, do not hesitate to get one of the versions of MotoGP 22. It may not be the most revolutionary installment of this saga but it is a step forward in a formula that is increasingly polished and offers better sensations. We are talking about a conservative version where we find aspects that have been retouched (for the better) making MotoGP 22 the most complete release of the series to date.

The best features

  • Nine Season 2009 game mode
  • Numerous game modes that provide infinite durability.
  • All 2022 riders and circuits from multiple categories are available, plus historic riders.
  • High speed feeling.
  • The new split-screen multiplayer mode.

The worst thing

  • Not having the online multiplayer mode in the Nintendo Switch version.
  • Poor graphics in textures and circuits that are somewhat empty.

We have made this analysis thanks to a download code for Nintendo Switch provided by Koch Media.

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