Newskill Icarus RGB Gaming Monitor...
    Newskill Icarus RGB Gaming Monitor...
    Newskill Icarus RGB Gaming Monitor...
    Newskill Icarus RGB Gaming Monitor...
    Newskill Icarus RGB Gaming Monitor...
    Newskill Icarus RGB Gaming Monitor...
    Newskill Icarus RGB Gaming Monitor...
    Newskill Icarus RGB Gaming Monitor...

    Newskill Icarus RGB Gaming Monitor 27" QHD FAST IPS 180Hz - IC27Q8-FI REFURBISHED

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    Gaming Monitor Newskill ICARUS 27" QHD FAST IPS 180Hz


    what is a refurbished product?

    • They usually come from a voluntary return by a previous customer and may have hardly been used. They can also come from a showroom. Our technicians inspect them thoroughly and check that they contain all the necessary accessories to make the product perfectly functional. They may not include instruction manuals or driver CDs.
    • Since they are already unsealed, their condition is clearly indicated and their price is lower.
    • They have a 2 year warranty.

    Panel type
    Response time
    Height adjustable
    Audio Output
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    • QHD 2560x1440P (2K) resolution
    • Fast IPS technology, ultra accurate colors
    • High refresh rate of up to 180Hz
    • Real response time of 1Ms GTG
    • Adjustable in height, tilt and angle
    • Customizable RGB backlight

    Our range of Icarus gaming monitors welcomes the new 27" QHD 180Hz Fast IPS model. This monitor Newskill, Icarus 27" QHD, is designed for those who are looking for a good image quality, with a high refresh rate, to match their gaming level.

    Frameless design, high refresh rate up to 180Hz, 1Ms real GTG, Fast IPS panel, various adjustment options and customizable RGB backlight, are just some of the outstanding features of this new model of the Icarus gaming monitors range.

    Incredibly fluid images

    At Newskill we work to offer a wide range of gaming monitors, so that each user can choose the one that best suits their tastes and possibilities. In this case, Icarus 27" QHD is our bet for those users who want to reach thrilling gaming levels, thanks to its high refresh rate, with a great resolution of 2560x1440p. Don't let its dimensions fool you, its frameless design makes it a perfect monitor to complete your set-up.

    27 inches of precision and control

    The resolution is important, but if you also add Fast IPS technology, the images on the screen will be of another level, thanks to the realism and fidelity of the colors. The real response time of 1Ms GTG of this model, significantly improves the sharpness of characters and moving objects, which we can find in some games. In addition, you will enjoy total control and precision over your actions, which you will be able to see on screen instantly. Dominate the game with Icarus 27" QHD.

    Upping the bar at full speed

    With Icarus QHD 180Hz, we have raised the level of the panel, thanks to the new "Fast IPS" technology, which combines super fast response times of 1Ms GTG with a refresh rate that reaches 180Hz. Get ready to enjoy your favorite games and content at a viewing level you never thought possible.

    Adjustable to the detail

    Our new gaming monitor comes ready for you to adjust its height, tilt and angle, so you have a perfect view at all times. It also has a customizable RGB backlight, a distinctive feature of the most gaming set-ups, and several gaming modes.

    Committed to you

    As always, we strive to offer monitors in which you can enjoy any content for hours, with the peace of mind that your visual health will not be affected. Icarus 27" QHD was not going to be less and has Low Blue Light and Flicker Free technology that, combined, will take care of your eyesight and reduce fatigue during your gaming sessions.

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