Get to know Sobek and Sobek 7.1 in depth

Today we bring you detailed information about the Sobek gaming headset, which is available in two different versions, each one in black or white, our beloved Ivory edition. Sobek and Sobek 7.1 have one main difference, the sound, which will be stereo or 7.1 respectively. Choose the one that best suits your playing style, and enjoy the sound the way you like it.

The same comfortable design as always, with RGB

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At Newskill we take the utmost care with our products, and in addition to efficiency and quality in terms of usability, we also strive to make them all comfortable to use. Both Sobek and Sobek 7.1 feature a flexible headband design, with padded overlay, and great ear cushions for hours of comfortable gaming, covering their 40mm speakers. This gaming headset with rounded shape, has the hallmark that could not miss: an elegant RGB ring with rainbow lighting mode.

Quality sound and adjustable microphone

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Whether you opt for a stereo or 7.1 sound experience, your Sobek headset features an omnidirectional microphone with noise cancellation, and as it is fully flexible, you can adjust it to fit perfectly at all times. To match this great microphone, Sobek has great 40mm speakers, whose volume you can easily adjust, from its integrated controller.

Differences between stereo and 7.1 sound

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If you have doubts about the difference between stereo sound and 7.1 sound, do not worry, it is normal, we will clarify it so you can choose the Sobek model you really need

You are familiar with stereo sound, it is the usual sound, which is reproduced by two channels, these being the Sobek speakers. Virtual 7.1 sound, on the other hand, simulates the existence of more channels, so that the sound is totally surround, and you have the impression that the action is happening all around you, and you are even able to identify the exact point where it is coming from. This means that with Sobek 7.1 you can live a super immersive experience, especially in video games whose sound is relevant and less linear, such as shooters or war simulators. Hear the footsteps of your enemies, how vehicles surround you, identify where an enemy grenade has fallen by the origin of the sound when it hits the ground... In short, both Sobek stereo and Sobek 7.1 will give you a great performance in terms of sound, the choice of model depends only on you, and how you like to receive the sound

Cross-platform headphones

Both Sobek and Sobek 7.1 are cross-platform, so you can use them on your most common platforms. There is a small difference between them: Sobek has a 3.5mm Jack connection, and Sobek 7.1 connects via USB, so the compatibilities are different

In the case of Sobek, you can use it without any problem in your PC or laptop, and in your PS4 and Xbox consoles, as well as in their new generation versions, PS5 and XBOX SERIES X/S. As for Sobek 7.1 you can connect them to all devices that accept headphones with USB connection, such as PC or laptop, and PS4 and PS5 consoles, and forget about having to change headphones

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