Nix, the new wireless headphones by Newskill

Today is October 31, the night of the witches, that is, Halloween. We don't know what kind of scares await you today, but we're not here to scare you, quite the contrary

what could be scarier than picking up your headphones to play a game or do some sport and discovering that the cable has turned into a real tangle? Well, that nightmare is over with Nix, the new wireless headphones from Newskill.

Say hello to wireless with the Nix headphones

Nix allows you to enjoy a great audio quality thanks to its ultra-basstechnology, technology, making the headphones perfect for use both at home and for jogging around town. Inaddition, they have a high tolerance to sweat and splashes, making them not only a multifunctional audio device, but also an all-terrain one. Oh, and forget about slipping: the fastening system of Nix headphones allows them to fit perfectly to the ear using a rubber band available in various sizes and they are so light (just 15 grams) that you won't even notice you're wearing them

Nix headphones: the best specifications

At Newskill we know that you need to be always connected, whether you're playing a game or listening to your favorite music. That's why we've given the Nix headset a great autonomy, thanks toits high battery life that allows up to 6 hours of mixed use and its wide operating range (10 meters away from the source device). To top it off, it has Bluetooth 4.1 connectivity and integrated volume and call control, so you can use them to disconnect without being completely disconnected.

You can now buy the Nix headphones

The Nix head phones are already on pre-sale in the web store of Newskill, which you can access by clicking here

happy Halloween to all!

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