Newskill will be part of Campus Experience: soccer and responsible gaming go hand in hand

do you like to play soccer and play your favorite video game with your friends? Campus Experience was born as a project of the Real Madrid Foundation to promote the practice of Football and Gaming in a responsible way. Newskill Gaming wanted to be part of this initiative (along with other sponsors) to offer children an opportunity to have fun and learn a series of positive values for their daily lives

A good seat is always essential

The presentation of the event was attended by Joaquín Sagués, director of the Campus, Fernanda Delgado, director of Xbox Spain and Portugal, and Emilio Butragueño, director of Institutional Relations at Real Madrid. Among the sponsors of this initiative we highlight The Global Esports Academy and Xbox, among others. But the most important part is up to us: what would a good online game be without a comfortable chair? Especially if you've just played a very demanding soccer match. For this reason, Newskill will provide its Takamikura gamer thrones for the gamer section of the campus

Football+Gaming = success

Campus Experience offers the opportunity to live a collective experience with other participants to encourage teamwork and camaraderie. The Real Madrid Foundation seeks with this action to extol the values of the first sport in Spain and gives children between 7 and 13 years old the opportunity to combine their two great hobbies: Football and responsible Gaming.

The values of healthy competition

Joaquín Sagués highlighted five maxims applicable both to the practice of soccer and during gaming sessions: self-discipline, respect, teamwork, initiative and effort. If we don't work as a team, we won't score a goal, and if we don't have a good understanding in our online game against our opponents, we'll be beaten in a matter of minutes. But whatever happens, we must know how to win and lose. Respect is fundamental in the practice of these two competitions.

The final straw: you can attend for free!

Now comes the most important part. Not only will Newskill Gaming provide the gaming chairs (posture and ergonomics are vital for the health of the players), but also the joint collaboration of Newskill and Real Madrid will offer the chance to win ten scholarships to live the Campus Experience experience. These scholarships will be raffled through the social networks of Newskill and will give the possibility to enjoy the most innovative campus for free. Do you want to participate in the draw and spend an incredible summer? We are waiting for you on our skiller networks!

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