Newskillnew Providence Overwatch team sponsor

A few days ago, Providence confirmed on Twitter that it already has an Overwatch team, and now at Newskill we are proud to announce that we are sponsors of this group of players who aspire to reach the top.

The Providence club sees the light in one of the most active and challenging times for the gamer world, in a highly competitive scene. This new brand is born backed by all the weight and experience that comes with years of dedication and success of its staff in the world of e-sports.

An unstoppable rise of the Providence team

The rapid rise of Providence in the race to become a benchmark in the e-Sports scene in Spain is due to simple reasons: talent, teamwork and willingness to excel are the secrets of its success. In addition, a key element of this success is its highly qualified team, which is the backbone of the club. With years of experience in their respective fields, each member of the team of this organization dedicated body and soul to professional gaming brings their best to achieve the highest levels of sporting and business success.

Providence has a lot of skill playing Overwatch

The Providence team will fight for the first place in the Overwatch Game Stadium, the tournament organized by Game eSports, the eSports subsidiary of the Game chain of stores, which will distribute more than 30,000 euros in prizes. Backed by Newskill, Providence players will meet this April along with the best teams of the national gamer scene to compete to reach the final. Such a challenge will be faced by a team formed by:

  • Vicente "Fak3" Fernández
  • Alejandro "t3lle" Tellería
  • Alberto "Guitonius" Gordillo
  • Albert "PLaGio" Pérez
  • Daniel "Foxt" Gutiérrez
  • Ruben "bubbu" Montero.

Providence's values are also those of Newskill

Dedicated to competing in the most demanding national and international tournaments, Providence has been characterized by hard work, dedication and passion for gaming as its personal hallmark. At Newskill we share those values and that is why we want to help Providence continue to grow, working together to improve the quality of its team, develop its full potential and face new challenges.

We are excited to be part of this important collaboration, thanks to which Providence takes a giant step forward in e-Sports in Spain. A new stage that will surely be full of success.

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