The first gaming truck - Desatranques Jaén powered by Newskill

In the middle of the storm comes the RGB, and where the RGB is we are, that's how it is. We present the new Desatranques Jaén truck customized by Newskill! You did not expect this crossover, huh?

Throughout 2019 you will be able to see Skilly with the new Desatranques Jaén truck driving around the main cities of our country. Of course, we will take it to all the events in which we participate so you can take pictures with it.

Luxury finishes in Desatranques Jaén

To give shape to this collaboration we have incorporated our products to the unmistakable design of the beloved truck of Desatranques Jaén. The new chair Kitsune RGB has replaced the old seats to give it a plus of comfort and lighting and so that you can modify the height of the steering wheel we have added the support Byakko V2.

A detail, which may go a little unnoticed but which we loved, was the introduction of the eos mouse mouse as a shifter and the Nemesis XL which we used for the dashboard.

RGB arrives at Desatranques Jaén

Following the prevailing standard and to make it an official gaming truck could not miss the RGB lights. We have wrapped the vehicle in RGB lights and we have synchronized them to be able to control them from the onboard computer software and combine the 16.8 million colors, so you will not lose sight of us with the new truck Desatranques Jaén!

In Desatranques Jaén expand its target audience

The company Desatranques Jaén tells us that they are very proud to be able to carry out this collaboration with a manufacturer like Newskill as it facilitates the approach to a younger audience and they are very cool people. They also tell us that, to kick off this crossover, they have prepared a new version of the song that launched them to fame.

We are waiting for your photos with the Desatranques Jaén truck, whether you see Skilly refueling at any gas station, or in the most important gaming events of the national scene.

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