Dirt 5 review: the best Rally arcade game of the generation

When we talk about DIRT we have to keep in mind that we are in front of a saga of video games to really enjoy driving. And that's what Dirt is all about: adrenaline, elevation changes, curves, asphalt, mud..... Today we come to talk about Dirt 5, the new release from the guys at Codemasters that will not leave anyone indifferent.

Arcade game essence by flag

Dirt 5 comes to change that simulation that we could find in its predecessor Dirt 4, giving a complete turn of the screw and introducing a much more dynamic and agile car control. We do not want to say that we do not like the control, not at all, the car feels as we say agile and dynamic and the driving sensations are totally unique

We do not lose that "reality" when it comes to sensations on dirt, asphalt, snow, but certainly the control has been diminished in terms of simulation to give as we say a much more arcade and dynamic feeling to the player. And it may be that the guys at codemaster have decided to leave that "simulation" for Dirt Rally and focus on their Dirt saga in that arcade control and pure fun that most of the public likes so much.

Very neat and characteristic graphics

The graphics engine of Dirt 5 continues to be key in the development of the game, we find a graphics engine that continues to be inherited from the saga and maintaining the essence of high quality game in general. But, this time we have to say that together with the dynamism that the game has gained, we find some nuances in colors, effects, smoke, rain "flares" even, that convey a sense of high contrast that make the effect even more attractive "GUAU".

Game styles everywhere, fun without limits

If there is something that characterizes this game is the fun, really, we tell you totally seriously. Dirt 5 is pure fun, for the rally purist as well as the one who wants to take a couple of races every day due to lack of time.

The guys at Codemasters have managed to get it right with the diversity of career modes that have been introduced in the game. And is that we find from an "adventurous" Path mode, which is the "main body" of the game with a tree style in which tests are unlocked as we move forward. an arcade mode, typical of the saga in which allows us to choose one of the 10 areas of Morocco, Nepal, Italy and choose between the available routes of each area (the least has two, to give you an idea). Nor could miss an online mode to compete against other players and even test circuits created by the community "almost nothing" ¡ And as an extra, a Garage mode, to see our brand new cars and modifications. As we say, there is no shortage of game styles for all tastes.


Dirt 5 is a driving game focused on rally environment for everyone, literally. Whether you are a fan of rallies or just looking for a good time with strong emotions behind the wheel, Dirt 5 will help you to do that and much more. We find a very careful soundtrack and that accompanies the dynamism of the game with very moving songs and sound effects and driving have also been cared for although it is true that it is given more "prominence" to the music than to these effects as such. To say that the performance on the PS4 PRO in which we have tested the title has NOT been too good since it seems that the guys at Codemaster have focused on providing better support for new consoles X Series and PS5, but certainly does not mean that it is not playable, not at all, just that we noticed that could have been better executed on that platform ....

We are left as we say with a very good feeling after testing the new title from the guys at Codemasters

The best thing about it

  • Fun fun and more fun along with this dynamic driving granted
  • Various career modes, photo, online creation among others
  • Careful graphics and vivid colors for that effect "GUAU"
  • Great diversity of car styles and driving modes

The worst thing

  • A sound in terms of music care but relatively flat sound effects

We have made this analysis thanks to a download code for Playstation 4 provided by Koch Media.

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