DLC Analysis Life is Strange True Colors: Wavelengths: get to know Steph in depth

At the beginning of the adventure we are asked a series of questions about whether we played the first season of the series and the final decision we make at the conclusion of the video game. We will take the role of Steph and the adventure will start in a radio studio. She starts talking about her experience in the world of music and radio and her experience in a sound booth. Gabe recommends you for a job at the station and you accept. You'll be running the record store as well. You left your band to start this job

Decisions will be a fundamental part of the gameplay in Wavelengths and the course of the story will depend on them. The local manager leaves us a list of tasks that we have to do in the studio and one of the main differences with respect to the saga is that we will start with a first person view. A large part of the games in the saga consists of exploring the scenery and soaking up all the texts to get fully into the plot. One of your first tasks will be to introduce yourself to the listeners. Hot topics such as dating apps will be on the table and Steph will create a profile for herself. It will be one of the funniest elements of the additional content and we will laugh with the situations that Steph will have to face, including bots that repeat predefined phrases

The game will have a series of main missions that we will have to complete to advance in the plot but it will also be possible to complete completely optional side missions that will extend the life of this Life is Strange True Colors DLC.

The graphics will be the same as the one used in the base story of Life is Strange True Colors and stands out for the animations of the characters and the graphical leap compared to previous installments. Mixing the third with the first person is a visual leap compared to other titles in the series and will surprise the most purists of the franchise

Completing the Wavelengths DLC will take just over two hours and will be the perfect excuse to revisit the most intimate story of one of the most iconic characters of the series: Steph. If you want to know more about her and if you enjoyed the base story, you can't miss this new Life is Strange original story. At the end of the adventure we will realize that this extra content is a prequel to the original game and at the end of the journey Alex will enter through the door of the CD store to start his own story.


  • Learn more about Steph's life
  • The alternating first person point of view
  • The selection of music


  • Routine tasks that take away from the essence of Life is Strange
  • A story that entertains but doesn't move you

We have made this analysis thanks to a download code for PS5 provided by Koch Media.

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