Unbound Worlds Apart review: a beautiful and very challenging platformer

After a long time of work we can finally have on Playstation this fabulous game created by the team Alien Pixel Studios. If you are a lover of platform games this definitely needs to be in your collection. It is brilliant, beautiful, a challenge both in skill and mental level and its music is a work of art.

Already in 2021 we could try this game on other platforms but its final version, which you can have on all platforms, has improved a lot on an artistic level.

unbound review

As soon as we start we find a beautiful cinematic that introduces us to Soli, a little wizard, who after going out to play finds that his village has been devastated by unknown creatures and shadows. His mission will be to find the lost villagers and save his world using his special abilities which he will unlock as the game progresses.

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To understand Soli's mechanics we will divide it into two parts: "character skills" and "portal features":

The character skills are four and we unlock them little by little, Soli can get a double jump, a sweep (or dash as in Cuphead), climb walls and a double sweep. Don't despair if you can't advance in any puzzle as you will probably need some of these skills. Even so each dungeon can be passed in its entirety with the feature you are given so don't worry if you die a lot, it's a "dark souls" platformer

On the other hand we have the portals

Imagine that you go through two levels at the same time and thanks to a small portal you can interact with them, for example, if in an area there is a rock and you activate the portal that rock becomes a monster, if you need to move that rock you must activate and deactivate the portal so that the rock moves by itself avoiding the monster to kill you.

These "parallel dimensions" are different in each area, ie, the dungeon is divided into several zones separated by colors and each color has a totally different characteristics in their portals finding things like: dimensions with inverted gravity, areas where you become things, you acquire super strength, is day or night .... Use your head well to make the most of these changes and remember that physics affect from one change to another. Mastering these changes is very difficult but getting to solve the zones is very satisfying.

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All worlds are full of secrets and challenges that will hook you from minute one, you will also meet characters of the most unusual, each with their backgrounds and dialogues, discovering the story behind your world and yours, in addition, the Spanish translation is excellent so if you do not master English do not worry, in the options menu you can change the language whenever you want.

Unbound Worlds Apart is characterized not only by its mechanics but also by its design, leaving a feeling of "illustration" that allows you to see a constant wallpaper, you can see the 5 years of work and care that have been devoted to the game, in addition, its music is beautiful, simple and quiet in the puzzles and powerful orchestras and great percussion in the bosses, a pass that will immerse you in the game even more if possible.


In short, this is an essential platform game, difficult, original and very very addictive. The first time I played the game I played 5 hours straight so if I were you I would prepare something to snack on before starting

The best thing about it

  • Detailed graphics, neat and intuitive mechanics
  • Simple story and colorful characters
  • Challenging bosses and puzzles, secrets and well-defined objectives.
  • The game is long for an Indie and that is appreciated

The Worst

  • The game doesn't really have any drawbacks but I would have liked more cinematics and a menu to access game art and music

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This review has been written thanks to a Ps4 copy provided by Meridiem Games.

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