Newskill Gaming brings the Youtuber universe closer to the Ramón y Cajal hospital with the ASION association

Folagor, a famous youtuber with more than 1.6 million followers, visited the youngest patients on December 15.

A child's stay in the hospital can be a tough experience, especially on a date as important as Christmas. To try to normalize this situation, Newskill Gaming, the Spanish gaming peripherals company, and the ASION association, have organized a visit to the Ramón y Cajal hospital by the famous youtuber Folagor, who on December 15 showed the youngest patients the secrets of the most famous video platform, as well as the most popular video games. And with the same intention, Newskill Gaming donated different technological material to the hospital so that the hospitalized children can enjoy the best games and movies during these dates.

Folagor is more than just Pokémon

Yoel Ramírez, "Folagor", -with more than one and a half million subscribers on Youtube- visited the hospital to cheer them up and to try to make them forget their admission for a while: the condition was not to stop laughing. His Pokémon gameplays are the ones that accumulate more views on the platform, although he also dedicates his channel to other Nintendo video games like Super Mario or Zelda.

The ASION association - a non-profit association of parents of children with cancer problems - was founded in 1989 on the initiative of a small group of parents who had gone through the ordeal of having a child affected by cancer. Its work is focused on helping children affected by this disease and their families to face the multiple problems that arise from the moment of diagnosis. Pursuing the goal of helping hospitalized children, ASION and Newskill have joined forces to bring the Internet and technology closer to children during their stay in hospital. As well as Folagor, with its collaboration in this visit.

"With technology, hours seem like seconds. This is exactly what we base our action on, where we intend to bring entertainment also to hospitals and bring a smile to the little ones. Itmight seem like a trivial initiative, but it is not: the children improve their mood and recover their energy, two very important factors in the healing process," says Ángel García, CEO of Newskill.

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