Original uses for used gaming peripherals

There always comes a time in life when you have to renew or die. The same goes for gaming peripherals. How many years has it been since you've replaced your keyboard? Or your mouse no longer works because it's so old? But unlike everything else, gaming peripherals can have a second life with uses that you probably wouldn't have even imagined. Don't throw them away, reuse them and get new ones from Newskill. Want to know some original uses for your used gaming peripherals? Sit on your Aryon chair and join us

Don't throw away your peripherals, use them for Cosplay

Your used gaming peripherals can be used to make that cosplay you had in mind for so long. For example, you can use the earmuffs of your helmets to create a kind of belt or logo of your hero or heroine or the character you make the costume and you can even use it as a handle for a sword or as an engraving on any type of weapon. The microphone could be used as an antenna for any helmet and the headband to collect the hair if it is a female character. As you can see, the uses are multiple and innovative and that we have only started to analyze a headset, imagine if we did all this process with the rest of the accessory

Have fun with your friends without spending a single euro

That microphone you bought for podcasting and streaming is already in ruins, but you are reluctant to throw it away because it brings back good memories. Well, you don't have to, you can use it to set up a kind of karaoke at home. Connect your microphone to the computer and make the output via speakers and you have the party ready. All your friends will want to come to your house to enjoy with you and they will never want to leave. If you add a touch of rgb lighting with some LED strips that you have at home or with some other peripheral that you no longer use, the fun is guaranteed. Have you ever thought about this second use for your old gaming microphone?

Make a go-kart out of your gaming chair

If your chair has already endured hundreds of games and it's worn out from so much use, it's time to change it for one of our new gaming chairs. If you are sad to throw away your old chair and want to give it a second chance, it's time to get down to work, open a mini gaming workshop and build a go-kart. You can take advantage of the seat and backrest to make your new go-kart, as both are very comfortable and would be ideal for taking all the curves. The wheels could also be used for your new car (we are not looking to build the future formula one winning car). The armrests could be used to decorate the chassis, as well as the piston and the seat adjustment levers. The rest of the assembly is up to you.

If Christmas is coming... renew your gaming table!

If you live in a place where snow is just another element of the landscape and you have a gaming table... you are in luck! Don't throw away your old table, give it a second chance to shine in your life. If you lived in the North Pole, you would probably need a sled, but in Spain with a homemade sled you will have more than enough. Take the main part of your gaming table, that wide tabletop, and use the legs to make some catchers for the sides. Customize your new sled to your liking and enjoy a different kind of Christmas sliding down that snow that has been accumulating for days

We hope that our original uses for used gaming peripherals have helped you to avoid accumulating objects in your storage room or to not say goodbye to those that were your inseparable gaming companions. As you have seen, the possibilities are endless. Can you think of any other function for that accessory you no longer use?

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